Mission & Vision

Humanitarian Assistance & Development Services (HADS)Our vision
HADS is a humanitarian and development agency whose vision is to provide timely emergency relief and continuous assistance to the most disadvantaged especially in post humanitarian conflict communities.

Our mission
To provide high impeccable quality humanitarian and development services that tap into the needs and problems of the disadvantaged in Africa and other Third-World Countries, through our work that is non-discriminatory and neutral at all levels—political, ideological and religious.

Our Values
We have core values that we believe are paramount to success in any endeavor:

  • Relationships: our clients' success is ultimately our success, too.

  • Integrity: being honest even when it may hinder our cause.

  • Leadership: aligning with strong leaders to lead the businesses of the future.

  • Teamwork: accomplishing great things requires great teamwork.

The difference we make
At HADS, we blend the true African principles of management with the modern principles of management which enables us to offer an exotic management solution that ultimately addresses the problems you are facing.

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