Sourcing, Placement and Management of Health workers

Sourcing, placement and management of Health workersGlobally, the shortage of health workers is a serious obstacle to the ability of many countries to provide public health care and promote economic development, and the poorest countries are the hardest hit. There are considerable inequities at the global level between the need for qualified health personnel and the number of health workers available. Generally speaking the crisis is caused by several factors: too few health workers are being trained, many of those who are qualified take jobs outside the health sector, demographic trends are making new demands on health care and advances in medicine require increasingly specialised personnel.

Over the years, many Organisations have extensively benefited from the deployment of affiliate workforce personnel to enhance Organizational delivery and response through a wide range of agreements with Standby Partners like HADS. The trend shows that an increase in the use of affiliate workforce by Agencies offers an appreciated degree of flexibility to expand and contract operationally; provides cost efficient solutions; corresponds to the requirements of the donors and earmarked contributions; and allows for quick deployment of expertise, which may not be available internally in terms of profiles or numbers.

In this vein, given HADS' new Personal Contractor Agreement (PCA) concept, which represents upgraded deployee entitlements, improved reporting systems, faster administrative action and performance management, Agencies will always find an operational opportunity in focusing further on HADS as a service provider for the contractual administration of the required affiliate health workforce. Moreover, HADS contracts represents a widened application than may be offered by some of the affiliate workforce schemes most prevalently used by most Agencies at present.

Specifically, in the PCA services, HADS:

  • Provides technical health workers (national and International) required to close the staffing gaps for an Agencies regular staffing needs in a given country;
  • Provides full automated pay-roll management that ensures timely and accurate payments to the provided staff;
  • Trains and inducts the staff in the Organisational Culture of the Agency for which they are going to work for;
  • Provides total contracts and performance management for the provided staff based on the Terms of Reference for their services, respectively;
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