• Bringing communities together

    Host community ready to face the refugees in a football match as a sign of peaceful co-existence among themselves.

  • House renovations and repairs

    Materials ready for PSN house repairs.

  • Skill development

    POCs engaging in production of briquettes to promote sustainable renewable energy in refugee and host communities.

  • Safe living

    PSN house due for repair.

  • Hygiene

    HADS community development worker distributing soap to the PSNs.

  • PSN house repairs ongoing

    Men at work during PSN house repair.


Welcome you to the humanitarian and development work of the Humanitarian Assistance and Development Services (HADS), an agency which is purely founded by a team of professionals who are collectively passionate about the predicament of the people in environments that are not ideal for humanity.
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Since 2007, HADS Agency has been providing specialized and unrivalled range of humanitarian services to needy communities in Uganda and other war torn areas. Be part today by donating