• Background

The Humanitarian Assistance & Development Services (HADS) is a humanitarian and development Organisation established in 2007, with its Headquarters in Kampala Uganda. HADS provides a unique, specialized and unrivalled range of humanitarian services ranging from logistics and supply chain management, education, self-reliance and livelihoods, environmental protection, child protection and family tracing, prevention and management of Sexual-Gender Based Violence (SGBV), and total project management, with special emphasis on monitoring and evaluation.

HADS follows maxims that ensure best practice. We identify risks, solve problems and offer tested and proven solutions based on experience in challenging environments – whether the environment be post-conflict, remote or emerging its market. Thus, as our Partner’s representative on the ground, we enforce the highest ethical standards at all times, while also ensuring the safety and provision of duty of care is extended to all those we are charged with servicing.

HADS is renowned for its service excellence and we celebrate every year as a year of service excellence. We bring together a committed and dedicated team that has a wealth of experience accumulated as a result of intervening in a number of organisations in various humanitarian and development thematic areas. At HADS, great emphasis is placed on developing its staff and outsourcing professional and experienced Consultants to produce an exceptionally high standard of services. Therefore, as the world is looking for solutions to complex issues, it pays to have a trusted Partner that can provide highly skilled and experienced human resources and project management to help implement any range of critical mandates.