Child Protection & Family Tracing

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HADS seeks to strengthen and enhance the protection of children and young people directly through prevention and response services for children at risk through the implementation of case management and community strengthening activities, facilitating alternative care arrangement and placement for unaccompanied and separated minors, train foster parents in positive parenting and child protection, capacity development.

Specifically, HADS implements the following activities:

  • Protection of vulnerable children including Unaccompanied, Separated Children and Minors (UASCM), and Child family heads through provision of foster parents and mentors after assessing their eligibility in parenting skills.
  • Identification of separated children and tracing their families for reunion.
  • Provision and facilitation of competent Outreach Workers provide follow up support to foster parents and children in foster care placement and offer psychosocial support for children in distress.
  • Provision of Children recreation centers (also known as friendly spaces) and Day Care Centres, which are used as a safe haven for the children during the day. While in these centers, the children also take part in literacy lessons, receive optional counseling and take part in fun recreational activities such as football, dancing and acrobatics. These skills are later used to help generate income for the betterment of the children’s lives.
  • We identify children who are vulnerable and living on the streets and invite them to take part in Outreach Programmes, during which they can learn how to bathe, receive medical treatment, counseling, clothing and education, which consequently addresses the global problem of street children.
  • We closely coordinate with the Country’s responsible Ministry for Children and link the children in our care to have access to national services like rehabilitation and treatment.