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The Humanitarian Assistance & Development Services (HADS) is an organization established I 2007 with its headquarters in Kampala Uganda. As part of a large consortium, which has revenues of over USD 500,000 per annum, HADS provides a unique, specialized and unrivalled range of humanitarian services ranging from logistics and supply chain management, education, self-reliance and livelihoods, environmental protection, child protection and family tracing, prevention and management of Sexual-Gender Based Violence (SGBV), and total project management, with special emphasis on monitoring and evaluation.

Humanitarian Assistance and Development Services (HADS) is looking for potential experienced and self-motivated individuals to fill up the following vacant positions in the organization.

  • HADS does not discriminate in religion, gender and Tribe and has a zero tolerance to Corruption.
  • Successful candidates will be contacted and notified.
  • Interested persons are urged to follow the submissions instructions included in the JOB DEBSCRIPTION:

For more information contact the Human Resource Personnel on.

Tel: +256-392000369 Or send an email to info@hadsagency.org