Deterrence of Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV)

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Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) is widespread in African Communities. There is overwhelming evidence that there is a high level of domestic and sexual violence perpetrated against women and girls in communities at all socio-economic levels and among all ethnic groups. Women and girls are more affected than men and boys across the board. Violence against women and girls is still regarded by many as a way of life.

Therefore, HADS implements SGBV projects that provides multi-sectoral prevention of response and protection for women and girls through:

    • To increase women’s awareness on their legal rights, such that women take a more active role in

preventing and responding to sexual and gender based violence.

  • To improve women’s knowledge on types and extent of gender based violence and its consequences.
  • To empower women with information on available services providers for response to gender based violence.
  • To sensitise the women such that they are more informed of Gender Based Violence service providers and ready to report GBV cases and seek other support services.
  • To support the women to form grassroots community based GBV action groups established.
  • Provision of psycho-social counseling and the required health services for victims.
  • Provision of Legal services for victims in ensuring that the Perpetrators are dealt within the National Judicature.
  • Protection and prevention through establishing a SGBV Referral pathway, where it does not exist.
  • Creation of public awareness to avoid stigma to victims.
  • Encouraging the victims to report such that the Perpetrators are identified and dealt with.
  • Establishment and management of safe houses that provide confidentiality and safety for the victims from the perpetrators.