• Education

Education, being one of the most important children’s rights, the HADS, through various stakeholders, plans and brings education for those with less opportunity. The HADS advocates for children’s rights by offering immediate and lasting improvements to children’s lives globally. We ensure that all children are respected and valued in all societies and that they are not denied any rights.

Under this thematic area, the HADS implements and delivers the following activities:

  • Maintenance of acceptable standards of education in community schools.
  • The HADS supports primary education in the communities and also provides Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) services for children aged 3-5.
  • Participate in the updating of school curriculums to suit the target communities.
  • Recruitment of qualified and competent teaching staff and caretakers.
  • Provision of study and learning materials to students at all grades.
  • Continuous capacity development of the teachers and caregivers through hands on trainings by keeping them abreast of the developments in the education sector.
  • Provision of a child friendly school environment, and more so child friendly spaces for the children.
  • Conducting Sensitization and awareness events to boost enrolment and collaboration with other stakeholders and actors to mobilize communities to send their children to school.
  • Enhancing the capacity of community management structures including Parents’ Teachers’ Associations (PTAs) to improve school management and governance.
  • Identification of eligible students for students’ loans and/or scholarships.
  • Monitoring of the students on scholarships/loans to ensure zero dropout rates.
  • Encourage and increase the numbers of female teachers and girl children enrollment into schools.
  • Build reading programmes with local community schools designed to build and improve children’s reading skills and English performance through enlisting volunteers and obtaining reading materials from willing partners and volunteers.
  • Construction of school facilities.