Logistics and Chain Supply Management

HADS understands the critical nature of our clients’ projects. We allow our Clients to focus on their core business by freeing up their time. We do this by handling the freight, warehousing, fleet and fuel management. Through experience we have learned the urgency needed to handle all projects with kid gloves, no matter which segment of our service offerings is engaged.HADS manages the fleet and equipment using the Preventative maintenance approach, in which we don’t wait for the fleet or equipment to break down and then we start repairing but instead ensure that the vehicles are serviced and maintained coupled with the equipping of the drivers and operators with the right skills and knowledge to run a given vehicle or equipment. Further, we will save you lots of money by continuously monitoring the equipment and we can propose ingenious solutions to addressing logistics problems based on a well-informed and researched Cost-Benefit-Analysis, which in some cases might require the grounding of some logistics assets with increasing repair and maintenance costs as compared to their net book values. For every operation we offer our state-of-the-art Mobile Garage which results into massive savings for our Partners especially for vehicles that require recovery after breaking down in distant areas away from the Maintenance and Logistics Base.

We also don’t simply dispatch fuel to your fleet but we also use our modern technologies to track the fuel usage by the logistics assets using the FuelShield® technology. Fuel Shield is the fleet and fuel management tool that HADS uses to cut costs, eliminate fraud, effectively manage fuel reports and consumption as well. Hence, you are assured that your fuel is being used for the intended purposes as the Users are aware that they are being tracked. In addition, HADS use a pump monitoring software called “Statoil” to ensure that the fuel dispatching pump is efficiently running to give accurate recordings of the fuel issued.
For all your vehicles (manufactured from 1990 and 2015) we use the auto-diagnostic machine to assess the actual problem before our mechanics can start on the repairs. The use of such technology has made our work easy and efficient since this way we save a lot of yours and our time to respond to a much higher number of repairs.

The backbone of our entire process is our super tracking and record management system which enables HADS to manage the flow of information associated with each project, keeping abreast our clients of the status of their projects with us. Our Services Include:

Warehouse Management
Freight / Clearing and Forwarding
Fuel Management
Fleet and Transportation Management.
Supply chain management
Installation and maintenance of cooling systems like Air Conditioners, Freezers and Refrigerators.
Generator installation, repair and maintenance